30 May 2010

May 30

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Old Testament

David continues to flee like an upstart instead of standing his ground like the established king that he is. Mephibosheth repays David's kindness by trying to take over the throne as soon as David flees. Absalom shows he has no clue what he has gotten himself in for by blindly taking advice from Ahithophel.

New Testament

Does anyone like Jesus from the Gospel of John? I know people like what he has to say, but does anyone like Jesus as he is presented as an individual in this gospel? (And yes, I realize that to some people this question is meaningless because they only see one Jesus across the gospels.)

In any case, Jesus is tried before Pilate. Pilate tries and tries to save him, but the Jews will not have it, so Pilate eventually orders Jesus crucified. Jesus is humiliated and beat and then hung up on the cross.

Psalms and Proverbs

ס (samekh) and ע (ayin).