28 May 2010

May 28

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Old Testament

Heads up! I'm out of town for the weekend, probably without internet, so I will be posting the posts for this weekend on Monday.

Onward to today's untopic, an extremely unpleasant one. Rape and murder. David's son Ammon rapes his sister Tamar. Tamar's full brother Absalom hides his anger for two years and then murders Ammon. I'm going to punt on this one. This whole story is so distasteful that I do not feel like getting into further commentary. I'll just say this, why was Ammon not punished? (I am sorely tempted to add some profanity to the phrasing of that question.)

New Testament

John's Jesus does not seem that emotionally involved with humanity, or even with his own fate.

Psalms and Proverbs

כ (kaph) and ל (lamedh).