15 April 2010

Apr 15

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Old Testament

I forgot to mention yesterday that one of the kings defeated in yesterday's reading was from Gezer. This is funny because Gezer means carrot in modern Hebrew. No relation as far as I know, but still entertaining. Other than that, we just read about more death and slaughter. Included in this was the following,
The Israelites chased them as far as Greater Sidon and Misrephoth-maim, and eastward into the valley of Mizpah, until not one enemy warrior was left alive. Then Joshua crippled the horses and burned all the chariots, as the Lord had instructed.
So after killing all the enemy warriors, the Israelites crippled the horses because God said so? God sucks.

New Testament

Today we read another story that appears only in Luke. In this story, Jesus heals 10 lepers in a village. He does, and only one, the Samaritan, comes back to thank him.

Jesus also talks about the coming of the Kingdom of God. In summary, it will be surprising.

Psalms and Proverbs

Nothing noteworthy.

Hmm, that ended up short. Today just was not that novel.