15 November 2010

Nov 15

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Old Testament

Today we read about how Egypt is like Assyria. Like Egypt, Assyria once prospered. Like Assyria, Egypt will fall. Pharaoh is once again compared to a sea creature that will be pulled onto land to die. This bit contains some gruesome imagery of the earth being drenched with blood. And, apparently, Babylon will be the cause of this destruction. Egypt will join other fallen nations in some pit. You wouldn't think all this would be boring. Blood and violence sells, as they say. But enough repetition makes even those tedious.

New Testament

After our lovely reading from Ezekiel, the first line of today's reading provides an amusing contrast:
Work at living in peace with everyone
The author of Hebrews then goes on to make Esau the villain of the story where Jacob tricked Esau out of his birthright. I suppose you can say Esau should have known better, but I think that the original story made no pretense of pretending that Jacob had not unfairly taken advantage of his brother.

Then we get a declaration of how believers have come joyfully to the heavenly Jerusalem and the audience is admonished not to refuse to listen to Jesus or God or whoever the "One who is speaking" is.

Psalms and Proverbs

Some proverbs. Nothing particularly stuck out to me.