12 November 2010

Nov 12

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Old Testament

Only 50 days left! Which is good, because I am getting bored. Bored of Ezekiel at least.

Today's reading doesn't really have much new. We start out with yet another description of Judah's sin, this time couched in a somewhat incomprehensible metaphor about cooking soup. So, being cooked like soup on the fire is bad, but other than that, I don't get it. It seems like there are statements about the soup pot mixed with seemingly independent statements of Jerusalem's murderous ways. In any case, the upshot is that God is going to punish Jerusalem.

After that, Ezekiel is forbidden from publicly mourning for the death of his wife just so that God can make a point about how the exiles will mourn for those who were left behind in Jerusalem and will die. And apparently Ezekiel had lost his voice? Or will lose his voice? And then he'll get it back.

The rest of the reading is prophecies about the destructions of various other nations. Ezekiel's God certainly seems to find violence to be his most useful tool.

New Testament

Musings on faith and various Biblical figures who showed faith. It's passages like this that really clarify why many Christians seem to be familiar with such a thin slice of the Old Testament. The New Testament brings up certain people and certain stories. As a first approximation, these are the ones that people are familiar with.

Psalms and Proverbs

A proverb against being annoyingly cheery in the morning. =)