28 February 2010

February in review

2 months in, and we are about 15% of the way done. This month we read through the rest of Exodus and a good bit of Leviticus in the Old Testament and finished Matthew and got a good way through Mark in the New Testament. Leviticus has been surprisingly entertaining, but rather repetitive. In fact, the aspect of the readings which made this month most difficult was their repetitive nature. Leviticus often repeated itself and Exodus. Mark feels very repetitive, which makes sense given that Mark is believed to be one of the sources used by the author of Matthew.

As I mentioned, Leviticus has been surprisingly entertaining. Some of the laws are interesting. Some parts are entertaining. Reading these laws also shows the lack of feasibility of claims that the U.S. system of laws and justice builds off of the Biblical law. Most of the law in Leviticus is based on identifying and maintaining ritual purity. The bits that are reflected in our modern moral and legal beliefs are the claims that are so general as to not really be specific to the Biblical moral code (don't murder, don't steal, etc.).

I continue to fail to see examples of God or Jesus' love for humanity in the Bible. The few claims of that natures we see are weak. Jesus heals some people (but only if they are faithful enough), the psalmists claim that God is loving (usually in the form "God, I know you love me, so why do you let me suffer").

Proverbs was better this month. Less about immoral women and wicked people, and more good advice. Better, but still sometimes terrible, like the proverbs that imply that wealth can be used as an indicator of someone's worth).