13 December 2010

Dec 13

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Old Testament

Today we read Obadiah, the shortest of the prophetic OT books, which Harris describes it as a book where
The prophet blasts Edom for benefiting from Judah's destruction.
Given that this theme seems to be covered in other places (e.g., in the beginning of Amos), there does not seem to be much point to including this book.

On to the content. Actually, there's not much more to add. Edom sucks. They did wrong by Israel and did not come to help when Israel needed it. They then plundered the land and killed the survivors. For this, they will be wiped out by their enemies. They will suffer as Israel suffered. And, to add insult to injury, Israel will be restored and come to occupy Edom. The end.

New Testament

More glowy people! Today the author sees another vision of a a being who is brilliant like jasper and carnelian. This being is surrounded by 24 thrones with 24 elders seated on them. In front of them were seven burning torches representing the sevenfold spirit of God. In front of all that is a sea of glass, and there were four eye covered, winged, animal inspired beings praising the Lord.

When did God's spirit become sevenfold? Why are there 24 elders? What does it all mean? I don't know. But it's late, and I don't actually care enough to look it up. Unlike other books, where I felt I might get some value out of understanding them, I am choosing to read Revelation as one long drug induced vision.

So in that spirit... jasper and carnelian and fire. Pretty!

Moving right along now... the four winged beings and the 24 elders spend their days praising the Lord. I suppose this is one of those passages that makes people think that all one does in heaven is sit around praising God all day.

And that ends today's reading.

Psalms and Proverbs

Assisting thieves will lead you into uncomfortable situations and fearing people is bad.