12 September 2010

Sep 12

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Old Testament

Isaiah predicted that the Lord would use Assyria to destroy many nations and then he would destroy Assyria. He would cause most of the people of Israel to be killed off. Now, I know it's generally considered an auto-fail to invoke Hitler as an analogy, but one cannot help but be reminded of the Holocaust.

Isaiah then goes on to discuss how the remnant that remained would turn back to God. A "new Branch" will initiate a period of justice and peace. It is from this passage that we get the famous vision in which dangerous creatures coexist peacefully with domesticated ones (such as children and lambs).

This section is generally considered a prophecy yet to be fulfilled because world peace for man and nature obviously hasn't happened yet. Even those Christians that believe Jesus is the "new Branch" mentioned in Isaiah cannot claim that the specific results of that have occurred yet. Combine that with the fact that the prophecy is very geographically limited to the area surrounding Israel, and you can see why religious tension magnifies so much of the political tension in that region today.

New Testament

Paul continues to rant. I continue to not care.

Psalms and Proverbs

Don't eat with stingy people because it's not fun.