13 July 2010

Jul 13

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Old Testament

The Ark finally makes it to Jerusalem. As before, David brought it into the city with much dancing and rejoicing. Details that were not given before (and probably fabricated to fulfill a particular theological purpose) are
  • the problem the first time was that the people carrying the Ark were not all Levites
  • all the Levites were called together for the return of the Ark
  • David assigned a bunch of musicians at this time
Given that the books of Chronicles are supposed to have a more priestly focus than the books of Samuel and Kings, I find it interesting that this incident, the first really recounted in great detail, is one where priestly function is important. Furthermore, it shows David as taking on, at least partially, the role of a priest by wearing priestly garments and instructing the Levites.

New Testament

I had already started to remember why I dislike Paul, but today's reading really highlights my dislike for him.

Today's reading is an extended exercise in Paul's inability to understand that what is obvious to him may not, in fact, be obvious to others. That, even if he is right in his beliefs, people can disagree with him without willfully denying the obvious. It is passages like this that propagate the annoying attitude that non-Christians must be wicked, terrible people. Obviously, in Paul's world view, everyone knows that God exists, but some people deny it because they are wicked.

Paul shows the classic signs of someone who does not really want to engage in those who disagree with him. He fails to assume those he disagrees with are honest, and he implies that only evil people can disagree with him.

Now, Romans was a letter to believers, not an attempt to engage nonbelievers. Nonetheless, such attitudes make me dislike Paul.

Psalms and Proverbs

Rather a depressing proverb today:
The relatives of the poor despise them;
how much more will their friends avoid them!
Though the poor plead with them,
their friends are gone.